Monday, December 13, 2010

Who cares?

I had an unexpected reading in my downloadable daily Bible reading today. It was featured as an advent scripture, but it was from Exodus, and was the description of how the tabernacle was to be decorated, based on God's instructions. It seemed like that was chosen just for me! I have been a not-very-enthusiastic holiday decorator this year. We have no company coming here, and haven't planned any big social events to be held in our home either. So, given that it takes me a couple of days to decorate, and then a couple more to put it all back, I had decided I would just as soon skip the decorating this year. My husband didn't like that idea, so I decorated a tiny bit, though half-heartedly, and not nearly as much as I usually do, then decided that was enough, because after all 'who really cares about holiday decorating anyway?'

Well, I was surprised at the Exodus reading. It does not tell me that God 'cares' about if and how I decorate for the holidays. But I think it does tell me that He cares about beauty, as many of the decorative elements in the tabernacle, and later in the temple, were strictly for decoration; for the sake of beauty. I think what the reading tells me is that, being made in God's image, I too really do care about beauty; about making things 'pretty' and enjoyable to look at. If I am going to decorate my home, the place God has given me to live with Him, then I should care about making it a place I will enjoy, and that those who share it with me will also enjoy, if I can at all possibly do that.

I guess it is all a part of the idea that "whatsoever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men." (Colossians 3:23) The Lord loves beauty. Although I have not decorated my home with all of my holiday collection, I do hope that, when I plug in the tree and the lights on the mantle; when I light up the star in the window that is to remind me of the Light of the world; and when I set a match to the candles I so much enjoy, I will not be alone in enjoying the simple beauty of these things. It is my hope that the designer and decorator of the tabernacle, His own house, will find joy with me in the things I have put out in my house to make this season a bit brighter.

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