Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Feast of the Holy Innocents

Today is my grandson's birthday. The photo above was taken almost five years ago. What a blessing my four grandchildren have given me; and after the miraculous blessing of my own two children!

Today is also celebrated in much of the religious world as the Feast of the Holy Innocents. It is a time to remember the horror we all feel when we read the story of Herod having had all male babies under the age of two killed, to 'protect his throne.' What a horrible thing to do, for such a small risk! Yet several years ago our own country's leader chose to bomb another country, killing many innocent children, for another such perceived risk. I am also horrified by the loss of those children. In fact, I am more horrified, because I feel that I have some guilt in that, as it was done by a country I have 'pledged allegiance' to. I am not wanting to get political here, but I do believe we often need to take stock of, and to grieve for, and perhaps even ask forgiveness for, all of the innocents who die needlessly; all those who live and die in poverty and hunger; all who die at the hands of the Herod's of our own time; all who are abused by those they should be able to trust.

Please, Lord, bless the children in our lives today. Keep them safe, as you protected Jesus from the genocide of Herod. Open the eyes of all who have children in their care, whether it be parents or caregivers, or nations or churches. Help them to see the wonder that our children offer if we keep them safe and innocent. And forgive us for any part we have had, as individuals and as nations, in destroying the blessed innocents around us, whether by intent or neglect.

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