Thursday, February 9, 2017

I will Persist....

‘She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted’

-Senator Mitch McConnell

I will persist. I may be exhausted and discouraged and frequently defeated, but I will persist. I may be reprimanded and warned, but I will persist. I may be overpowered and outnumbered, but I will persist.

I will say 'Truth' when I see it, I will say 'Lies!' when I hear them. I will point out hatred and injustice and encourage Love. I will stand up for what I strongly believe in, even if I am beaten to the floor. I have always persisted, against more opposition than I ever expected, and I will not stop now. My voice will be heard: in my music, in my art, in words, and always with conviction.

I admit that I have many role models, men and women, who have persisted against much more opposition than I have had. My true role model, as has been many of theirs, is Jesus Christ. He persisted.