Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In the shallow end...

I have been floating along in the shallow end of Life for a bit. Life events... health issues, house guests, and just the speed of daily living... have kept me so occupied that I have just been spiritually floating along. No, not even floating; I've been wading and wallowing in the shallows.

I don't particularly like it in the shallow end. That end can quickly become mucky and muddy. Clarity is hard to find. And you don't even want to think about what is in all the muck and mud! The shallow end is where most people dwell, and some aren't even aware of it, except for those occasional nudges that makes them wonder what being in the clear moving depths would be like.

It makes me think of my grandson at his last birthday party, which was held at a swimming pool. A couple of his friends would run with abandon and leap into the pool, making a huge splash and then resurfacing, shaking the water off their faces and hair. Moe was carefully climbing down the ladder, or sliding in from sitting on the edge of the pool. He watched them a few times and then came over to me. "I wish I could do that, Grandma," he whispered to me, as one jumped in. I looked at him and whispered back, "Then just do it." I told him he could hold his nose shut and shut his eyes, if he wanted to. But he looked back at me, turned and ran the few feet to the pool, and jumped in, making a HUGE splash, and coming up grinning. The rest of the day, that is how he entered the pool. How brave! And what Joy it gave him... and me. I hope he always remembers to let go of the fears that keep him from jumping in over his head. I hope, when he finds himself wallowing in the mire of the shallow end, he will find the courage to take the leaps that send him into the deep, clear waters of Life.

And I, too, am again ready to take a few dives into the deeper waters of Life... Here's hoping I make a huge SPLASH and come up grinning!