Monday, December 20, 2010

All is calm....

In reality, it is very difficult to find calm at this time of the year anymore... or at any time, if I am honest with myself. I decided to carve out a piece of quiet for myself this morning. I treated myself to a peppermint mocha and a movie, all by myself. I have to admit, I discovered I was more than a little annoyed that other people joined me in the theater, with their loud munchy snacks, their whispers and even loud comments to each other. My 'treat' of calm time was quite rudely invaded!

How did Jesus stand the press of the constant crowds and the probably often rude demands for His attention and time? I often focus on the fact that he went 'into the wilderness' to escape all those things, but I do think those escapes were few and far between, and possibly almost non-existent after His ministry began. This morning I tried to focus on enjoying myself, using my 'treat' time for relaxing and restoring my frazzled self, rather than letting those around me push my very last buttons. I did almost jump up to say something scathing to the teens behind me at one point... almost, but not quite. I settled down, and realized they were also there to enjoy themselves, and a frazzled grandma figure yelling at them in the theater would not make for a fun time for any of us. Once I had told myself that, and pictured the absurdity of the scene and their possible reactions, I found I was more sympathetic with them, and I did finally enjoy the movie.

In truth, there is little natural calmness in our world today. We have to seek it out; we have to make it for ourselves. And perhaps we have to try to make a bit of it for those who just happen to be surrounding us. Those kids at the movie were never aware of how close I came to jumping down their throats and disrupting their movie date today. But I was. It took some true effort on my part to not respond to what I perceived to be their lack of consideration for others, but I'm glad I made that effort. What I put out into the world can make a difference, even in a small way. I can be 'calm and bright' or I can make everyone around me wish that I had stayed away from them.

I do wish you to have moments of calmness and brightness in these last advent days, even if you have to strive to find it and to make an effort to create it for yourself. It is a worthwhile pursuit in this world that is filled with a great deal of chaos and darkness.

And may God Bless us, everyone.

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Valerie said...

Lovely post and a good reminder for any time of year, but especially this one.

Thank you.