Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rise up!

I've been thinking today about what it would be like to be going about my work, here in my house or studio, or running the seemingly endless errands I run, and suddenly to have it all interrupted by a heavenly host of angels, coming to tell me that the Savior of the people has come, and I should stop my work and go find him.

Would I be a skeptic, even in the presence of angels? Perhaps I have been in the presence of angels before, and have failed to notice or give credence to them. I would like to think that, like the shepherds, I would drop my paintbrush or the vacuum, leave my shopping undone, and run to where I could worship Him. So why do I not follow their example anyway? I have even more reason to celebrate the coming of that child than they had - I know the whole story. He became a child and a man and lived and died for me.

Rise up, shepherd, and follow!

(The painting is by one of my favorite classical artists, Jean-Francois Millet.)

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