Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Clearing the Temple.....

Giotto    'Cleansing the Temple'

This morning I went to a  new site set up to promote the work of women artists. To apply to be included, there were many 'defining' options, so that buyers could select and support (I guess) an artist whose viewpoint aligned with theirs. One of the options listed under 'philosophy' was 'Christian.' I looked at it, and my first impulse was to leave it blank and move on. I AM a Christian: I DO believe in Christ as the son of God, and as my personal Savior. But I realized that I did not want to align myself with what is passing itself as 'christianity' in my country today. So, as I frequently do, I asked myself, 'what would Jesus do?' 

I am a very visual person. The answers to the questions I ask myself almost always come to me visually, like Sherlock Holmes 'mind palace.' The vision that came to me as I asked myself that question this morning was of Christ clearing the temple, as told in the book of John.

I cannot align myself as an 'American Christian,' when they have openly supported a leader for our country who publicly spews forth hatred and bigotry towards - well, everyone. My Christ came to show the world that hatred and bigotry are not God's way. When asked what the commandments are, he said there are only two commandments: To love the Lord God with all our hearts, souls, and minds, and to love others as we love ourselves.

How can people who call themselves Christ-followers forget that? But it appears that they have done so. I do believe very strongly that Christ would NOT have aligned Himself with the men who are being chosen to lead our country.  No matter what race, what gender, what life experiences, even what sins, Christ loves everyone, and He has a special place in His heart for the poor, for the misused and abused. The only ones He treated with anger that over-rode His love were those whose greed was taking advantage of others, in His Father's name.

Are you in that temple? I think we all are, if we call ourselves christians. But where are we? Are we being reprimanded by Christ for letting our greed overcome our compassion, or are we on Christ's side, knowing a bit of temple cleansing is just what is called for right now? And maybe we need to clear our personal temples as well.... We are the Temple of the Living God.

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Bea said...

Thank you for showing a New Zealander a different perspective than we receive from the media. I watched the proceedings with a great deal of concern and still feel concerned. The only good thing is that we're all more knowledgeable about American politics than we were before! ;-)