Sunday, March 28, 2010

The rocks and the hills will cry out....

At church this morning, the service was centered around the events of Palm Sunday, when Jesus entered Jerusalem and the people praised Him. But the scriptures say that their praise was not necessary for Him, because if they didn't praise Him, the very rocks would do it. I think the point is that our praise is not necessary to God. He has created, or maybe instituted or 'highly suggested,' that we praise Him for our own benefit. There is something in the act of worship and praise, whether in a community church service, in our own homes in solitude, or in our studios or workplaces, that we benefit from. I know from my own experience that if I am praising, I am not quite so centered on my self and my own petty problems. I do confess that I feel this connection to God and distraction from self most when I am weaving or painting, not necessarily when I am 'in church.'

I believe, whether we are praising Him or not, the hills and the rocks are crying out praise all the time. And the trees and the flowers and the birds... the very earth itself. I have, on very rare occasions, felt like I have heard that praise when in the solitude of nature. It is a wonder and a blessing to be able to add my voice, both in actual song and in my work, to the praise all around me.

This week, before the world celebrates the death and resurrection, pick up a rock and listen for it's praise. Stick it in your pocket to remind you to add your own praise to it. Try to out-praise it, if you can!

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